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velsycon GmbH

Ahlhorner Straße 89
27793 Wildeshausen

Tel.: +49 4431 94555-130
Fax: +49 4431 94555-282

E-mail: info@velsycon.de
ISO 9001

For every transport job the right solution - worldwide

For every transport job the right solution - worldwide
The velsycon GmbH is manufacturing hook interchangeable systems (COMBILIFT) and setting up systems. The COMBILIFT can pick up, set down, place up and tip over container and mobile silos of different sizes and standards. With that we offer transport solutions for different operational possibilities, for example disposal of waste, building industry, plastics, flours/powder, food industry, etc. A variable emptying system is rounding off our offer.

Because of our experience of the market since 1968 we are able to show our customers many-sided solutions for different problems and reasoned allround service.

You can get vehicles, loading systems and container of one hand with a guarantee of function up to the compatibility of the points of intersection. We attend you at the analysis of your exact job, we give you a detailed training of the different systems and if required you can get us around the clock.

velsycon Interchangeable systems

velsycon Interchangeable systems

The unique COMBILIFT-system is able to move container in three different directions ... more

velsycon Emptying systems

velsycon Emptying systems

Our Packer-System is distinguishing oneself through the variants of loading through the using of a separation system ... more